Area graph

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Draw a dynamic area graph according to your input file.

The input file must be a tab delimited table with headers. This tool will plot an area graph with the first column as x-axis and the rest for y-axis.


① Area graph type: Common or stack area graph are optional.

② Graph title:Define the title of the graph.

③ X axis label: Define the X axis title.

④ Y axis label: Define the Y axis title.

⑤ Color: define color of each area (number of colors should be the same as number of areas and each color should be separated by a comma ”,”).

⑥ Transparency: Input a value from 0~1, the more the value close to 0, the more transparent the graph will be. If color has been set, this parameter will be invalid.

⑦ Dot size: Input a value from 0~10.


An area graph in PNG,JPEG,PDF,SVG format.

Example: Area graph source files

Output: common area graph