Frequency Histogram

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Create a histogram representing the frequency distribution of file data.

The input file should be a tab delimited txt file. A sample file is shown as follow:

1 5 6 8 22 5 8 66 3 32 22 11 55 55 22 11 22 33 22


① Title: define chart title

② X-axis label: define horizontal axis title

③ Y-axis label: define vertical axis title

④ Color: define bar color (only one color is needed)

⑤ Group number: define how many categories along x-axis

⑥ Boundary point: define what value can separate each intervals

⑦ Type of vertical axis: define the y-axis value shown by “Frequency” or “Abundance”


A frequency histogram in PNG,JPEG,PDF,SVG format.

Example:The frequency histogram source files

Output:The frequency histogram