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Demonstrate file data in a histogram.

Input a tab delimited text file with headers. If your data is not TAB delimited, you can use Excel to convert it.
Data in the first column will be presented in x-axis and the rest columns will be presented in y-axis. The number of bars depends on the numbers of y-columns. One example of the input data is shown below

x	y1	y2	y3 
1	1	2	3
2	3	4	3
3	4	5	6


① Type: define a chart type from one of the following options: Dodge histogram, Stack diagram, Bar plot

② X-Axis Label Angle: define the text angle of x-axis label from one of the following degrees: horizontal(0º), 25º, 45º, 75º, vertical(90º)

③ X-axis label: define horizontal axis title

④ Y-axis label: define vertical axis title

⑤ Color: define color of each bar (number of colors should be the same as number of bars and each color should be separated by a comma ”,”)

⑥ Bar size: define bar size


A histogram in PNG,JPEG,PDF,SVG format.

Example: Histogram source files

Output1:dodge histogram