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Bubble diagram of dynamic enrichment analysis
1. Functions
Draw bubble chart of enrichment analysis by using enrichment analysis results.
2. Scope of application
The enrichment analysis results are applicable to KEGG, GO, DO and reactome databases.
3. Input
(1) format description of uploaded file: data must be separated by tab characters. you can choose to open it in Excel and save it as a. txt file separated by tab key.
(2) There are two types of input files:
Type1: there are 4 columns of data
1) access name
2) The number of genes belonging to this pathway (among different genes)
3) The number of genes belonging to this pathway in all genes
4) P value (or Q value) of enrichment analysis
Note: in the final drawing, RichFactor= the second column above divided by the third column
Examples are shown in the following figure:

Type2: contains more data information, which can be divided into two types.

4. Parameter selection
1) input file type: type1 files have only 5 columns, type2 files have more information, and type3 files are files of gideo process;
2) Rows used for drawing: select the first N rows of the table for drawing, and the data of the first 20 rows are used for drawing by default;
3) Choose P value or Q value for drawing: Choosing P-value or Q-value will affect the final drawing result;
4) Database type: enrichment analysis type, GO, KO, DO, Reactome.
5. Parameter adjustment
1) graphic title: set or modify the title of the graphic;
2)X/Y axis title: set or modify the title of X/Y axis;
3) Transparency: set the transparency of the bar graph column;
4) Order: P value /q value is displayed from small to large or from large to small;
5) Numerical value: whether to display numerical value;
6) Coordinate axis adaptation: according to the length of the column, automatically change the abscissa range.
7) Color modification: change the graphic color matching and provide three classic color matching.
8) Bubble size: set the size of bubbles in the graph.
6. Output
The program will output bubble chart according to the selected parameters. Users can adjust the parameters according to their personal needs, and provide SVG and PNG format file download

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