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2. Parameter adjustment

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1. Function

Draw a boxplot chart with tab-separated table data with a header.

2. Application scope

applicable to transcriptome, metabolome, protein, 16S, experimental result collection and other data suitable for drawing boxplot graph.

3. Input

1) The file requires the table header and column name, such as gene expression scale, metabolite abundance table, microorganism abundance table, etc. It can also be phenotypic data, such as physiological indexes such as plant height and body weight.

2) The data of the input file must be separated from the data by tab characters. you can choose to open it in Excel and save it as a. txt file separated by tab key.

4. Output

1) Task Output

The program calculates and plots according to the input file. The waiting time in this process is related to the input file size. Large files with more than 10,000 lines need to wait for 1-5 minutes. Switch tasks to view in the results display.

2) Graph Global Parameters

The graphic title, font and dot transparency can be modified. Show borders, legends, gridlines, and tick marks can be checked.

3) graphic sample modification

Tools can adjust the abscissa text angle, folding name, etc., and can also adjust the color matching and dot shape of box graph.

4) picture download

The height and width of graphics can be adjusted and previewed. SVG and png formats are provided for downloading.

Results Display      (Click " task ID" to view different analysis results)