Interactive Circos

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1. row counts change and modify

2.Figure resize and download


The data distribution characteristics of any two-dimensional matrix (row name, column name and numerical value) are visually demonstrated by the ring layout of Circos graph.The recommended number of rows and columns is less than 10.

2. Application

The distribution of transcriptome, microbe and metabolome data, such as grouping + gene/function + expression;Grouping + species/function/metabolite + abundance;Function + species annotation + abundance;Go term+ up-down + number of genes;Grouping + enriched metabolic pathways + number of genes in pathways, etc.


Input file: Tab delimited two-dimensional numerical table, such as Excel save as TXT format.

Example 1: Species + grouping + abundance

Example 2: Function + species + abundance

Example 3: Go term+ down + quantity

Example 4: Comparison group + enrichment pathway + number of genes


To display the data of top ___ rows: the data of the first few rows shall be displayed according to the row order of the input file, to facilitate the increase or decrease of the display objectives according to the effect of abundance distribution.

5. Operation

1) Modify the transparency of the link (i.e. the links in the ring)
2) Modify rotation angles, such as up-down layout or left-right layout
3) Select a graphic scale to display the original input value or convert it into a percentage
4) Whether to display the link edges
5) Switch the color scheme of row name and column name and modify the color

6. Figure interpretation

The outermost ring color of the figure corresponds to the row and column names, such as species and groups;The scale value represents the abundance value or proportion of the corresponding color label.The link of the inner ring is emitted by the row name and points to the column name;The thickness of the link indicates the value.

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