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Threshold filtering

Graphic modification

Venn diagram shows the intersection of data via a visual way. In Venn diagram, each circle represents a data set, and overlapping areas represent the intersection of data sets. So that we can observe the common data among different data sets more intuitively.

(1) Function: Graphically display the common data element among data sets


example file 1:

Species abundance table
example file 2:

Fold change table

(2) Analysis and operation:

Set a threshold to classify row names that conform to the threshold as elements of the corresponding column name collection

Modify the graphics fill colors and border colors

Modify the color and placement of legend

(3) Graphical interpretation: A circle represents a data set. The overlapping area of the circles represents the intersection among data sets. The non-overlapping area represents the unique data of the data set. The number in the figure represents the number of data elements in the intersection.


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