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Graphic modification

Violin diagram is used to show the data distribution status and probability density of multiple sets of data sets, which is convenient for researchers to quickly understand the distribution density of data for various values, and to have an intuitive understanding of the abundance of data. The larger the amount of data is, the more conducive it is to the embodiment of data characteristics.

(1) Function: show data distribution characteristics through violin diagram

(2) Input:

Example file 1:

Species abundance table

Example file 2:

Gene Expression table

(2) Analysis and operation:

Violin color and transparency modification

Customize the range of ordinate axis

Display with box chart, scatter chart or median statistics optionally

(3) Graphic interpretation: A violin column in the picture represents the data distribution state of a sample. The curve of violin character is the probability curve of data distribution. The more frequent data for a value, the wider the curve is, and vice versa. Violin curves can be displayed with other graphics, and their meanings are as follows: ① Solid box type and hollow box type, the upper and lower ends of thin lines represent the maximum and minimum values of data non-outliers, the upper and lower edges of rectangle represent the 3/4 digits and 1/4 digits of data respectively, and the central dot represents the median value of data; Black spots and short lines, both of which represent the median of data; ③ Scattered points, this figure represents the distribution of data in each numerical value. The denser the points, the denser the distribution of data near this numerical value.


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