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1. Switch task:

Selecting the corresponding task number in the drop-down box, you can switch task view. Because of the large number of volcanic map genes, switching needs to wait.

2. Global modifications:

3. Parameter modification

4 the Selected area

(1) Adjusting the parameters in the selected area to modify the target in a separate style genes in the box.

(2) Searching the genes in the table according to the conditions, and adjusting the parameters in the selected area to modify the target genes separately.

1. Function:

The log2(FC) is taken as the abscissa, and -log10(p)/-log10(FDR) is taken as the ordinate in the difference significance test, giving different colors to the points with significant differences (generally, the fold changes are more than 2 times and the P/FDR value is less than 0.05).The genes of concern can be labeled separately in the diagram.

2. Application:

Suitable for visualizing differential data in transcriptome, proteome, metabolome and microorganism.

3. Input:

(1)Input file: Tab delimited two-dimensional numerical table, such as Excel save as TXT format.

(2) The column for x axis:the column in which the fold change (FC/log2(FC)) is located.

(3) The column for y axis:the column in which the p value is located or the column in which the fdr value is located.

(4) Threshold of x axis: that is, the threshold of difference multiple, the difference multiple up and down is the same. The thereshold of FC is generally set at 2 or 1.5, and the threshold of log2fc, is generally set at 1.

(5) Threshold of y axis: the threshold of p or FDR values is generally set at 0.01 or 0.05, customizable input.

Note: If the file is more than 5 MB in size, you need to upload local data in "My data" section, and then select the cloud file tool page for analysis.

4. Output:

The program calculates and draws according to the input file, and the waiting time is related to the input file size. You can switch tasks to view in the results display.

5. Figure Interpretation:
According to the set parameters, the differential genes were screened out. In the default graph, the abscissa is log2(FC), and the ordinate is log10P or log10FDR. The dashed line represents the thresholds respectively.The dashed line perpendicular to Y axis is the P/FDR threshold; The dashed line on the vertical X axis represents the threshold value of difference multiple, and the genes outside the dashed line range meet the threshold value.Genes meeting the above two conditions at the same time are differential genes. In the default graph, red represents up-regulated differential genes (up), yellow represents down-regulated differential genes (down), and blue represents genes that do not meet threshold screening (nodiff).

6. Table Interpretation:

The tables are listed as uploaded data information. Selecting the corresponding column, typing the corresponding information in the search box, and you will search if and activate it. The gene can be adjusted separately in the activation region.

7. Figure adjustment parameters interpretation:

(1) global modification
Font size: modify the size of all fonts in the drawing
Font selection: modify all font styles in the drawing
Graph title: modify the graph title name; it is unnecessary to delete it
X axis title: name the x axis
Y axis title: name the y axis
Transparency: modify the transparency of the point, and only display the border of the point if it is not filled
Graphic border: if checked, the graphic outer border will be displayed
Legend: check to display the legend
Grid line: checked to display background grid line
Scale marks: if checked, x-axis and y-axis scale marks will be displayed
(2) Parameter modification
Point size: select the size of all points in the graph
X coordinate scale: user-defined x-axis range
Y coordinate scale: user-defined Y axis range
Color scheme: optional color scheme, or user-defined
(3) Select the area
Activate the selected area: after being checked, you can circle the genes in the focus area in the map, or search in the table to modify the target gene attributes independently
Selected point size: modify the target gene size
Point name size: modify the target gene tag size
Name of point: it will be displayed if checked
Color of selected point: modify the color of target gene
Text color: modify the target gene label color
(4) Download
You can download the "SVG." and "png" formats into local file. After downloading SVG, you can make adjustments to the graphics in AI.

Results Display      (Click " task ID" to view different analysis results)